Whales in the Media

Calving season produces 20 baby right whales off the coast of Georgia (Savannah Morning News, 2011)
Scores of right whales 'cavorting' in Block Island Sound (Providence Journal, 2010)
New Year Brings Good News for Provincetown Whale Rescuers (Provincetown Banner, 2010)
Buoys Help Avert Whale-Ship Collisions (Oceanus magazine, 2009)
Drowning in Sound: Large ships' propellers creating underwater din for whales, other marine animals (Oakland Tribune, 2009)
Crew Rescues North Atlantic Right Whale (Boston Globe, 2009)
NOAA Shifts Mass. Shipping Lanes to Aid Right Whales (New York Times, 2009)
Endangered Right Whales Found Where There Were None (The Hindu, 2009)
The Fall and Rise of the Right Whale (New York Times, 2009)
Scientists Shepherd Dwindling Right Whales (InterPress Service, 2009)
The Fall and Rise of the Right Whale (New York Times, 2009)
Doing the right whale thing (Chronicle Herald, 2009)
Fishermen, scientists try to develop gear that won't entangle whales (Canadian Press, 2009)
Canada ponders banning lobster gear to save whales (Times Colonist, 2009)
Canadian lobster gear nearly caused whale to drown: US agency (Canada.com, 2009)
Is climate change keeping whales in the Gulf of Maine? (Ellsworth American, 2009)
First North Atlantic right whale sighting in Azores since 1888 (Wildlife Extra, 2009)
Endangered whales' wintering grounds discovered off Maine coast (Bloomberg.com, 2009)
Scientists plan to eavesdrop on whales (Savannah Morning News, 2008)
Buoys help ships steer clear of right whales
(Christian Science Monitor, 2008)
Ship speed limit may help rare whales survive ship strikes (Washington Post, 2008)
(Don't) Pump up the volume: sound waves silence whales' song (Scientific American, 2008)
U.S. requires ships to cut speed in waters used by right whales (New York Times, 2008)
Ships may have to slow down (Charleston Post and Courier, 2008)
Ships could be slowed to protect whales (Savannah Morning News, 2008)
Whale rescuers endangered (Boston Globe, 2008)
Plan to stop right whales from striking ships stuck (National Public Radio, 2008)
Saving whales from deadly ship collisions (CNN.com/technology, 2008)
Whale Advocates Gain Victory (Washington Post, 2008)
Slow: Whale Xing (Miller-McCune, 2008)
Massachusetts lobstermen show they're whale friendly (Providence Journal, 2008)
Plan to save whales strangling in red tape (CNN, 2008)
Young, plump, and a great big surprise (Boston Globe, 2008)
Whale protection caught in agency rivalry, files show (New York Times, 2008)
Whale watch: undersea detection system helps to guard against collisions with ships (Boston Globe, 2008)
High-tech sound detectors to warn ships of right whales (National Geographic News, 2008)
Even the whales have their predators: ships (New York Times, 2008)

Buoys deployed to protect whales (WBUR Boston, 2007)
U.S. federal agencies spar over right whale (National Public Radio, 2005)
Radio Expeditions: Northern right whales fight for survival (National Public Radio, 2005)
North Pacific right whales sighted (National Public Radio, 2001)


Escape from New York (on Ten Legs) (Oyster's Garter, 2009) - addresses role of lobster fishery in whale entanglements
NOAA finalizes speed restrictions to protect North Atlantic Right Whales (ESA Blawg, 2008)
Slow Down - Think of the Invert Children!! (The Other 95%, 2008)
Watching out for whales: cell phone towers to track ship traffic (StopWhaling.org, 2008)
Suit filed to stop right whale killings (The Green Blog, 2008)
Right whale, wrong administration (Zeitgeitsland, 2008)
Hydrophones help scientists pinpoint, protect right whales (Wired Science, 2008)
Automating whale detection buoys (InTech, 2008)
Slow down: whale crossing (LiveScience, 2008)
Warning buoy network protects right whales (Slashdot, 2008)
Endangered whales protected with new warning buoys in shipping lanes (ScienceDaily, 2008)
Large numbers of endangered right whales seen in Mass. Bay (The Green Blog, 2008)
Saving whales with sound (Blogfish, 2008)
AIS for right whales? (gCaptain, 2008)
The sound of whale song (InkyCircus, 2008)